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Before hurricane/snow storm season starts - Let us give you a price on a generator installation and get ahead of the game. When bad weather hits the area and causes power outages it is the worst time to attempt to install a generator. It then becomes near impossible to obtain parts to install the generator and the wait has been up to 4 months in some cases. Even preordered parts will be diverted to areas that have been damaged most.

Before the summer heat arrives - Schedule your fan installation. Ceiling fans provide a less costly alternative to air conditioning. The electricity consumed by operating a ceiling fan is pennies per month when compared to dollars a month for a modern efficient air conditioner. Attic fans will cut the cost of operating your air conditioning unit.

Before it freezes Prevent your gutters from looking like the ones in the pictures below by installing heat tape. We've had winters when many houses had ice damming occurring in their gutters, resulting in broken gutters and possible leakage into the house causing damage to the walls and your finances.

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